You’re Not Broken


When something bad happens to us, it’s easy to feel like we are broken, we’ll never heal, and we’ll never be the same. But we heal when we allow ourselves to feel, so it’s important to not try and drown that hurt with drugs or alcohol. Yes it hurts, but once the hurt heals, we’ll be much stronger than we were before the hurt happened, and so much better than we were before.



Just starting to take care of myself, in the most basic ways, began a journey of self-love, which did not mean some kind of narcissistic, self-absorbed, worship of myself. It was simply beginning to respect myself enough to care about my own cleanliness, how I looked, what I wore, who I associated with, etc. It also started the great feeling that came with doing things in my life that I knew in my heart were the right thing and avoiding doing things in my life that I knew in my heart were the wrong thing. For a change. This all created self-respect, self-esteem, good character and a great overall sense of well being.


Please Help Me


“Please help me” were the most important three words I ever spoke and those words were the key to my recovery from drugs and alcohol. That 3 word mantra took down all the protection barriers I had put around myself that prevented me from allowing people in but also stopped me from getting out, and the key that unlocked all the doors.