BOB 10-18

My name is Chip Schaller and I live in Waukesha, Wisconsin where I’m married and have one step-daughter.

I graduated from Valparaiso University and had a successful career where I eventually became an executive officer of a bank. But throughout that entire time, I suffered from mental illness (CPTSD), alcoholism and drug addiction. I was one of the fortunate ones who survived and recovered, so my new career is helping, supporting and encouraging other people who suffer from these same things. I do regular guest speaking to area hospital PHP & IOP groups, mental health facilities, police departments as part of their Crisis Intervention training, family peer groups, and others. This has taken me to new places, meeting amazing people in recovery, who have more courage, strength, honesty, integrity, resilience and resolve than anyone I have encountered in my life, and who are my true inspiration.