Mama’s Sacrifice

Drove her girls home from school that May

Seemed like just another day

She always liked their after school songs

But she woke that day feeling something wrong


Turned the corner, opened the garage door

Someone was laying in pools on the floor

She saw through the glass it was her mate

The gun and whiskey sealed his sad fate


Anguish erupted with bile aftertaste

Her love and dreams in an instant erased

She suffered in circles of emotional pain

Haunted by visions of those crimson stains


She couldn’t allow his daughters to see

Whisked them away but nowhere to flee

Left with no choice but live in her dad’s home

A widowed disaster, afraid and alone


Returned to his daily, drunken abuse

She had no escape, felt there was no use

Beaten and battered in alcohol rants

Her girls tucked in hiding like terrified ants


She searched for and found disastrous release

To stop the voice, make the tolling bell cease

A bar she could run to, where she could hide

Kindred spirits in glasses inside


Sat down by a man with crystal eyes

She returned his gaze with trembling thighs

He swept her away in a satin embrace

Her heart raced in circles, a lost paper chase


Months passed by from that one night affair

A son grew inside her, a gift of despair

Shamed by a bar parking conception stain

But her love for him could not be restrained


She wanted him to live, to be set free

To receive the gift of new destiny

Not doomed to suffer with her in that cell

Sentenced to a live out a bottomless hell


At birth, she sobbingly gave him away

A living abortion, a love castaway

The rest of her life spent in tortured wonder

What ever happened to her boy blunder?


Decades past by, then a stranger’s letter

She hoped for once it was something better

She fainted after she read what it said

Flooded by the dam that burst in her head


It was a note from her son, and it began

with comfort, he’d grown up a contented man

Concluded with love to her he hoped would suffice

“Thank you, Mama, for your sacrifice”


Copyright © 2017 by Chip Schaller

All rights reserved

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