The Ghost In Black – A Poem of Addiction


Broken hopes and shattered dreams

Despair begins it’s cruel attack

Faceless fears and voiceless screams

Hosted by the ghost in black


Part One – The Man

Abandoned at birth to a foster cage

Rejection fear, his only friend

A living abortion on a lonely stage

Exiled to a cell in a life without end


Raised and abused in brutal care

Childhood cries all laughed aside

Hijacked by hurt, no wing or prayer

Concealed his pain from his expectant bride


Married their mistake, divorced his ambitions

With a flask he hated but never laid down

A fish in a bowl of alcoholic perdition

Escape and suffocate or stop swimming and drown


He built a wall and decomposed

All or nothing thoughts left no way out

Depression welcomed, unopposed

Bones picked clean by vultures of doubt


He threw desire to change away

Sped the erosion, his collapse

Routine boredom’s fast decay

Made yesterday’s traps today’s relapse


Their last five years were wasted plight

This straw on his back, these latest fears

A final drink to purge the sight

Of hurt and sadness in her tears


His wife and child were late fall grass

Their little girl, the apple of his red eye

On a ship in a bottle with a half empty glass

He’d never get to say goodbye


Part Two – The Woman

Three years now since they found their life

Face down dead in their living room

His mournful eyes revealed his strife

His toxic blood had sealed his doom


No way to support them or means to bother

A stack of bills, unable to pay

Moved back in with her drunken father

Crying on her bed each day


Her white picket fence passed away

Where were her dreams and plans?

All collapsing on that day

They died beside her only man


The doctor’s pills brought her relief

Numbed the hurt and soothed the pain

She took them to erase the grief

Nothing to lose, nothing to gain


Tortured with her only child

hiding, crying, trembling with fear

Her tragic loss unreconciled

Too much pain to form a tear


With a bath tub of warmth and pharmacy friends

A way to escape, to turn a blind eye

No way she could ever make amends

She’d never get to say goodbye


Part Three – The Girl

Ten years had passed since mama’s death

Thirteen since her father’s wake

She whispered black tar under her breath

Hid tracks of a life she chose to fake


She got her wings, a sweet escape

A prison break from an inherent cell

A welcome diversion, a way to undrape

To silence the endless tolling bell


Anguish and anger’s burning voices

Guilt trips to nowhere on shoulders of shame

On this path she had no choices

Saddled with sorrow, ridden by blame


So many partners, no way to know

Who the father was, no way to be sure

Her baby boy still starting to grow

Was born dependent on more than just her


Fought the thoughts of her newborn’s pain

She wanted to live and begged to die

A fatal dose of lost love in her vein

She’d never get to say goodbye


Epilogue – The Baby

 In the foster home, the baby was crying

Alone but bundled with detached care

Invisible to sight but eagerly smiling

The ghost in black was waiting there


Copyright © 2017 by Chip Schaller

All rights reserved


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