Coming Down To Detox


My reverie door to a new life in a new town

Slammed shut with the hell of coming down

My numbed escape of visions and dreams

was changing to terrified sobbing screams


The weight of the panic was compressing the air

It pulled on the noose, tightened the snare

I felt weak and drowning, trapped at sea

With obsessive thoughts of what could or should be


Suddenly terrified of the future to come

with the hortator beating on the funeral drum

I was pounding and scratching in futility

on the locked door of redemption, no handle, no key


With trembling lip and tremored hands

Nowhere to run, I could not take a stand

I was cornered and lonely in a crowded room

While the creaking door slowly closed the tomb


Stripped and thrown naked on a lighted stage

I spun in circles in a hamster cage

Their eyes judged me and jabbed with a spear

There was no place to hide from fear of the fear


I swallowed blame for pain that was caused

Choked on shame for lives that were paused

My eyes stained from tears of failure and fault

When the endless anxiety started the assault


I tasted the bitter hot bile of despair

Bound and gagged with no wing and no prayer

I was draped in a fear-soaked wretched gown

With all the feels of coming down

Copyright © 2018 by Chip Schaller
All rights reserved


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